Game changing open MRI.
Now open in Albany.


We offer the widest open MRI in the Albany region, allowing for greater patient comfort.


Most MRI exams are 20 minutes or less, thanks to the state of the art technology of the Oasis 1.2T.


Thanks to the strongest magnet available in open MRI, the Oasis 1.2T offer image quality rivaling traditional closed bore (tube) MRIs.


Our brand new Capital Region facility brings a revolutionary open MRI to Albany NY.

The Capital Region's High Field Open MRI.

The Hitachi Oasis 1.2T is the highest field strength open MRI available today.

Oasis High Field Open MRI is a game changing addition to the open MRI options in the Capital Region. We offer the widest, most open MRI available, with the most advanced technologies of any open MRI system. This means a more comfortable exam, and better image quality, for more accurate diagnosis. Owned and operated by Adirondack Radiology Associates, a highly respected local radiology practice, at Oasis Open MRI, you can rest assured knowing that your scan will be supervised and interpreted by an expert in the field. We offer unparalleled customer service, a convenient location, and convenient appointment times including evening hours. Come and see for yourself why this truly is a game changer.


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